“Did he fail? Fuck no. Do you know why he didn't fail? Let me explain to you why the fuck he didn't fail. When he got through sqatting he was laying on the fucking floor. You know what that means? That means that he gave every fucking thing that he had. And any time you give every fucking thing you have, you cannot fail. It's impossible. That is the fucking point. Give it all.”

C.T. Fletcher

“The way I see it today, in light of developments in industry, even in spite of it, you my friends are the future of craft skill. You are the ones your children and grandchildren will look to and say, ‘my parents, my grandparents, were highly skilled people and they cared about skill and the arts enough to preserve it in our family.’”

Paul Sellers

“When we walk into a wood we share its sensory outputs — light, color, smell, sound, and so on — with all the other creatures there. But would any of them recognize our description of the wood? Every organism creates a different world in its brain. It lives in that world. We are surrounded by millions of different worlds.”

Charles Foster
Being a Beast