“Once he learned how, [Jack] London surfed for hours, whooping, unable to come in from the blistering tropical sun. He was bed-ridden for the next four days with what the doctor called the worst sunburn he had ever seen. But his article and the force of his celebrity behind it firmly established surfing as part of Hawaiʻi's identity.”

James L. Haley
Captive Paradise: A History of Hawaii

“We have to speak for animals because they don't have a voice.”


"When at a press conference on April 25th [1941] he [Franklin D. Roosevelt] was asked about public criticism that he was using U.S. Navy warships to escort convoys he insisted that ‘Patrols were not escorts. If by calling a cow a horse you think that makes the cow a horse,’ he quipped to the reporters, ‘I don't think so’. But of course it was FDR who was calling a cow a horse. When a reporter called him on it by asking ‘Mr. President can you tell us the difference between a patrol and a convoy?’ FDR shot back, ‘You know the difference between a cow and a horse?’"

Craig L. Symonds
World War II at Sea: A Global History, 2018